Magnasine by Enerdrive

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analisi grafici opzioni binarie The Magnasine by Enerdrive products are designed and produced in the USA utilizing a tried and proven robust design platform, by a leading manufacturer of premium inverter/chargers for Mobile and Renewable Energy applications. With more than 70 years of combined inverter manufacturing and design experience, which has resulted in the MagnaSine by Enerdrive range being one of the industry’s most reliable and advanced inverter/chargers.

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Install the ME series in four easy steps:

www trading binary options ru Simply connect the inverter’s output to your distribution circuits or electrical panel, connect your shore power cable (AC) to the inverter’s easy-to-reach terminal block, connect the batteries, and switch on the power.

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USA Made and Proven Design

  • Massive Inverter Surge Capacity
  • High Output Charging
  • Easy to Install

ME-RC Remote Control

why not find out more The ME-RC remote control allows you to monitor and customize the operating parameters to your MagnaSine inverter/charger.

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see it here The ME-RC50 comes standard with a 50 foot, 4-conductor (twisted-pair) telephone cable and includes non-volatile memory (preserves adjustable settings, even if power to the remote or inverter is removed). The MagnaSine remote control has all of the programming and operation functions included in an easy-to-use package.

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ME-RC displays:

  • Battery Voltage
  • Inverting
  • Battery Charging Status
  • Inverter Charger operating status and warnings
  • DC Load Amps, DC Amps Consumed and State of Charge (if ME-BMK is being used)

Using the ME-RC Remote Control, you can program:

  • Charging algorithm of the batteries
  • Battery Capacity
  • Battery Charge Efficiency Factor
  • Mains Current Limiter
  • Charging Rate
  • Mains AC Drop Out and Cut In
  • Power Save
  • Search Watts
  • Low Battery Cut Out  

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