Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Environmental Benefits of Solar Products ?

The Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO) reports that Carbon Dioxide has risen by approximately 30%, Methane by approximately 145% and Nitrous Oxide by approximately 15% compared to their levels 200 years ago. Carbon Dioxide emissions, at 70% are the largest contributor to the enhanced greenhouse effect. The burning of oil, coal and natural gas to generate electricity contributes substantially to these emissions

Gas and electric water heaters are one of the single biggest domestic energy users and can be responsible for up to a third of greenhouse gas emissions in the average home. A simple way to reduce your energy use and subsequent greenhouse gas emissions is to install a solar water heater. Using the energy of the sun for your hot water requirements can have an enormous effect on reducing your energy costs (up to 97%) and greenhouse gas contribution (up to 4.5 tonnes per annum).

So not only will you be saving on hot water bills, you’ll be helping to save the planet.

How much will a solar hot water system Save Me ?

This figure will vary depending on the type of system you select, where you live, how much hot water you use and numerous other variables. As part of the Renewable Energy Certificate (REC’s) program, legislated by the Federal Government, all eligible solar water heaters must be modelled using a given set of parameters.

The results of this modelling shows the Annual Energy Savings (AES) that a solar system would deliver when compared to an electric storage hot water system. The number of REC’s for each system is then derived from the AES, so the higher the REC’s the more you will save. Solar Hot Water systems, in some areas, achieve an AES of as much as 97.1%.

How Much Does it Cost to Run ?

Similar; to the previous question, this is a difficult figure to quantify because of the number of variables which must be taken into account. However, if you owned an electric system and installed a system as in the example above, your electric bill could be reduced by up to 97.1%.

Mr Solar will be pleased to sit down and discuss the potential saving you could achieve by making the switch to solar hot water simply by examining your existing energy bills.

Do I Qualify for REC’s ?

The installation of a solar water heater may be eligible for the creation of REC’s if it displaces electricity to heat water and results in a positive greenhouse gas benefit. Therefore if you replace an electric water heater, or electric boosted solar water, you will be eligible to create REC’s. Unfortunately replacing a gas water heater, an oil water heater or wood fired water heater with a solar water heater does not qualify for REC’s.

Alternative if you are building a new home and install a solar water heater you will be eligible to create REC’s. The value of REC’s is not fixed and varies from time to time.

What are the State Government Rebates ?

To help increase consumer uptake of renewable energy, the Victorian Government administers a Rebate Program to support the installation of solar water heaters which are not eligible for REC’s. The Victorian Government Solar Hot Water Rebate is available for SEAV accredited solar water heaters when replacing an excising gas or solid fuel hot water system, or converting an existing hot water system to solar.

Rebates of up to $1,500 are available, with the amount of the rebate depending on the performance of the systems. The rebate may take the form of a point of sale discount.

Do I have to have a Tank on the Roof ?

No. Split Systems solar water heaters allows you to enjoy all the benefits of solar hot water technology – the efficiency, the savings, the environmentally friendly attributes, all without having to interfere with the aesthetics of your home.

The split systems give the option of having only the low profile collectors on your roof, with the convenience of locating the tank out of sight at ground level

How Long Does it Take to Pay for Itself ?

There really hasn’t been a better time to invest in a solar hot water. With REC’s and State Government incentives reducing the up front purchase costs coupled with the large ongoing savings, it doesn’t take long to recoup your investment.

The best bit though is after your new solar hot water pays for itself, it continues to deliver saving year after year after year…. that’s extra money your family has to spend on the important things. So when you’re ready to buy your new solar hot water system why not sit down with Mr Solar and let him explain the savings you can expect.

How Long Does it Take to Install ?

In most circumstances Mr Solar can have you back in hot water the day you call, and often it only takes a few hours to have your new solar hot water system up and running. After that you will be enjoying the benefits of Hot Water Free From the Sun.

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