Reliable Power – Real World Proven

For decades sailors longed for a truly durable wind generator that could hold up to “real world” conditions and still satisfy their power demand needs. On land or for sea, the future is here. At last!


Superwind generators define the new standard for micro wind turbine technology. Developed and designed by experienced wind power engineers and blue water sailors, the Superwind 350 includes all the features that professionals expect today – maximum performance and uncompromising quality.


Durability is no longer an issue. Once installed, this wind generator will be the last thing to worry about. The proven innovative pitch control system allows smooth operation even in extreme wind and weather conditions – anywhere!


At high wind speeds or excessive rotor speed, the fail-safe internal pitch controller automatically feathers the rotor blades, thus eliminating overcharging while maintaining rotor speeds within safe design limits .

Smooth Power – Smooth Sailing.


The state-of-the-art aerodynamic layout with relative low rotor speed and the pitch controlled feathering blades reduce noise emissions to a very low level.

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