Absolyte GP 

Photovoltaic & Alternative Energy

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.13.28 amA world leader in valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery power for photovoltaic and alternative energy applications.

  • Patented lead-calcium-tin-sliver positive grid alloy provides excellent cycle life for photovoltaic applications.
  • Provides for extended partial state of charge operation and allows for deep discharge recovery.
  • Wide band of temperature operation — retains more capacity in cold temperatures than traditional flooded batteries.
  • Modular steel tray design provides excellent heat dissipation in high temperature applications.
  • Housed in protective steel trays designed for maximum installation flexibility.
  • Single cell modules are available that simplify transport to remote locations.
  • Eliminates the need for periodic water additions as found in flooded cells. Periodic visual inspections, voltage readings, and connection retorquing is all that is required.
  • Enhanced Post Access for maintenance and battery health assessment.
  • Absolyte GP is qualified to stack horizontally up to eight high for use in 1997 UBC/2001 CBC Seismic Zone IV (at or below grade).


  • Absolyte GP batteries are ideal for photovoltaic and alternative energy applications including:
  • Village Electrification
  • Telecommunications
  • Residential Power
  • Railroad Signal
  • Navigational Aids


  • Extended partial state of charge operation
  • Deep discharge recovery
  • Freezing tolerant
  • Does not require separate battery room
  • Recombination efficiency greater than 99%
  • Globally recyclable design
  • Single cell and stackable modules are available
  • Simple cell replacement capability

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