Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating is an extremely effective use of heat from the sun. A pool heating system, depending on the size of the pool and the collector system, may make the pool useable all year round, or may simply extend the swimming season. A system to heat the pool to an acceptable temperature all year round would be quite expensive and would have considerably more capacity than necessary for the remainder of the year.

The most popular system for backyard pools is one that simply extends the swimming season either side of summer, but is not large enough to heat the pool all year round. Solar will let you have the maximum enjoyment from your pool without having to worry about heating bills. The chart shows the effects of a solar heating on a typical outdoor pool. Solar is easily incorporated into any new or existing swimming pool.

At Mr Solar we can help you with advice on solar pool heating systems.

Where do the collectors go ?

The manifold should be located in close proximity to the swimming pool on structures such as the house or garage roof, carports etc. Pool water is pumped through the solar system where it is heated and then returned to the pool. For best results the collectors should be on a flat roof or one which faces between north through to west. A roof with an easterly aspect can be used, however, extra collector area is needed to compensate for the reduced performance. Avoid any south facing roofs as no substantial solar input can be gained.

How much collector do I need ?

The table shows the recommended area for solar heating, both indoor and outdoor pools in Victoria. The average figure shown will generally give more than comfortable swimming temperatures from October through to March. As the water of an indoor pool usually received no direct sun, the collector area needed is greater. Additional collector will be required where the pool is subject to strong winds, shaded for more than 1/4 of the day or for systems installed on West aspect.

Recommended Area of Solar Collector
Minimum Average Maximum
Outdoor Pool 60% of total pool surface area 75-80% of total pool surface area 120% of total pool surface area
Indoor Pool 80% of total pool surface area 100-120% of total pool surface area 150% of total pool surface area

Will I need an Extra Pump?

The size of the pump you presently have and the solar collector area determine whether or not you need an additional pump. With existing pools, requirements vary considerably and a site inspection is a must.

We also have an option of a Solar Powered Pump

What about using Solar with a New Pool?

When planning your new pool, it is advisable that you allow for an extra circuit for the solar equipment that is separate to the main pump and filter. The solar system will therefore need its own pump and lint filter. The water to be heated in the collectors should be drawn from the bottom of the pool to ensure maximum efficiency.

Do I need to use an Automatic Controller?

There will be lots of times when the conditions are right but you’re not around to switch on the pump to run the solar system. An automatic control system fitted to the collectors and pump will ensure the maximum benefit is gained from the solar system. This device compares the temperatures of the water in the collector and the pool. It recognises when the water in the collector is warm enough and automatically controls the circulation pump.

Can solar also heat the Spa?

Solar system give excellent results when used to pre-heat the spa water. This will reduce the amount of time and expensive energy required to bring the spa up to operating temperature. You will need an area of collectors up to twice the surface area of your spa pool.

Can I Install the Solar System Myself?

Mr Solar offer the solar pool heating system in kit form for do-it yourself installation, simply remember that the connections to mains water systems need to be done by a qualified tradesperson.

Alternatively, Mr Solar will be happy to install the system for you.

Types of System

Mr Solar offer two types of the solar pool heating system:

Strip SystemsAvailable in Traditional Black Panel SystemsAvailable in Traditional Black, Terracotta and Grey