Wind Turbines

Most modern renewable energy systems combine a small wind generator with their photovoltaic panels. The purpose is to balance out the ever fluctuating solar and wind recourses. Seasonal variances are even more extreme but the patterns of available resource are complementary. Generally in winter months, it is windy and cloud and in the summer months it is sunny but calm. a hybrid system using a wind generator is the answer.

If your wind speed averages 9mps (4m/s) or greater, wind can be a cost effective way to generate electricity. Wind turbines can produce power day and night, even in inclement weather. A hybrid system with a wind turbine combined with solar panels is the most efficient and reliable method to generate your own electricity.


Air X Whisper H40 Whisper H80 Whisper 175
Regulator Internal Required
Rotor Diameter 1.15 m 2.10 m 3.00 m 4.50 m
Weight 5.80 kg 21.00 kg 30.00 kg 70.00 kg
Rated Power 400 watts @ 12.5 m/s 900 watts @ 12.5 m/s 1000 watts @ 11.6 m/s 3000 watts @ 10.7 m/s