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Suntech Freedom Portable Solar Panels

Uni-Solar Flexible Amorphus Solar Panels

Uni-Solar Flexible Amorphus Solar Panels


Heat and shade tolerant
Virtually unbreakable
Non-glass constructions
Laminated in tough, weather resistant polymers
5 year warranty
Triple Junction Technology
Designed to flex for vehicle mounting
Bypass diodes between every cell
Suitable for use in marine environments.

What is Shade Tolerance?

The UNI-SOLAR modules are equipped with bypass diodes between each cell. This means that if a cell should stop working due to shading or damage, power will bypass the shaded cell and the panel will still produce close to the rated output. Shade tolerance if a feature unique to the UNI-SOLAR range.

What is Triple Junction Technology ?

Visible light is made up of three primary colours -red, green and blue. Triple Junction Technology uses three sperate layers of amorphous silicon, each designed to process one of the three primary colours. Crystalline panel use cells which will capture a smaller spectrum of the available light. In this way the new Triple Junction Technology  can utilise more of the available light than crystalline modules.

The right panel for your application ?

The vast majority of solar panel replacements are not due to solar panel failure, they are due to breakage. UNI-SOLAR solar modules are virtually unbreakable. Unlike glass panels the UNI-SOLAR solar panels will not break when blown over. Will you risk your investment on a glass panel?

UNI-SOLAR modules also have advantages where the module may be subject to shading. Unlike crystalline modules the UNI-SOLAR modules have bypass diodes between each cell within the module . The current can bypass the shaded section of the panel. This will result in a much higher daily output form the UNI-SOLAR module when compared to crystalline modules.


Maximum Power (W) 32 11 5
Voltage Open Circuit (V) 23.8
Voltage at Load (V) 16.5
Peak Current (A) 2.4 0.8 0.4
Current at Load (A) 1.9 0.6 0.3
Dimensions (mm) 1430 x 424 x 5 554 x 424 x 5 554 x 247 x 5


Suntech Freedom Portable Solar Panels

The Suntech Freedom is a portable 80 watt 12 volt power supply, designed to offer recreational users enormous flexibility in their power needs.

A heavy-duty anodised aluminium frame provides strength and convenient mounting access.

The Freedom kit includes everything needed for remote 12v applications – just clamp straight to your battery. The modules are designed to be consistent with IEC-1215 standards, manufactured using proven materials and tested to ensure quality and electrical performance.


  • 2 x 40 watt Solar Modules
  • Solar Regulator
  • 5m insulated cable
  • Battery Clamps
  • Sturdy support frame



    • Foldaway for convenient storage and travel
    • Handy carry bag
    • Includes all accessories – just clap straight to your battery


Output 80 W
Dimensions 1068 x 634 x 35 (Operating)
534 x 634 x 75 (Storage)
Weight 9 Kg
Pmax 80 W
Vmp 17.2 V
Imp 4.65 A
Voc 21.6 V
Isc 5 A
Support Stand Hinged stainless steel with chain retainer
Warranty 1 year workmanship
20 year solar module output