Thermosiphon System (TS) Hot Water System 

as1Envirosun’s Thermosiphon System (TS) is one of the most advanced hot water systems available, offering maximum efficiency and a cost effective solution for most applications.

The hot water storage tank and the solar collector panels are roof-mounted as one seamless unit. Water is heated in the flat plate solar collector, and the smart thermosiphon design uses natural convection to move it through the system into an insulated storage tank located above the collector, minimising energy requirements. This design outperforms other types of systems and offers a superior level of efficient, economical water heating.

The clever design and engineering of the Envirosun Thermosiphon System utilises the strongest materials and state-of-the-art tank protection systems to ensure a long operating life in any environment, from freezing temperatures to extreme heat. The latest cutting edge technology and the cumulative advancements of Envirosun’s 25 years industry experience combine to offer the ultimate in durability, reliability and affordability.

The Benefits of an Thermosiphon Solar System

1. Tank and panels roof mounted as one seamless unit

2. Maximum efficiency, minimal energy requirements

3. State-of-the-art protection systems

4. Superior durability, reliability and affordability

5. Cost effective, economical water heating

TS Fact Sheet 

Click Here  to view and download the Envirosun Thermosiphon (TS) System Brochure